Feb 3, 2017

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Understanding Gun Safe Fire Ratings

We purchase guns for many reasons. From enjoying hunting season to protecting our families and more, there are a number of valid reason why the right to bear arms has stood the test of time. Whatever your reason for owning a firearm, the common fact that draws all gun owners together is the fact that a sizable investment is necessary for a quality gun.

Mid-range guns can run anywhere between $500 and $1,000. Just as you purchase insurance for your car, you want to make sure you’re able to protect your guns in the event of an unexpected event such as a fire. If you’re considering the purchase of a gun safe, there are a few things you should understand about fire ratings as you browse your many options.

Translating the Fire Rating

It’s all too easy to become overly-focused on the ability of a fire safe to prevent theft. However, it’s important to understand you’re investing in protection in more than one sense. Guns and Security go hand hand when used by a responsible gun owner, and you want to ensure yours is capable of offering you security when you need it most. That’s why you should pay attention to the fire rating made available and understand what it means. To help translate the rating into understandable terms, consider the following:

  • A safe with a rating of 60 minutes at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit means that, if you had a 1,200 degree fire, the interior of your safe would remain under 350 degrees Fahrenheit for at least on hour.

Consider What You’ll be Storing in the Safe

You aren’t restricted to storing guns in your safe. In fact, there are a number of other valuable items you can keep stored safely away to protect against a number of potential dangers. However, when you do decide to include multiple items, it’s important to consider the fact that heat impacts different materials in different ways. For example, at just a little above 350 degrees, paper will begin to change to a darker color. When you kick up the heat just over 100 degrees to 451 degrees, the paper ignites.

It doesn’t take much to promote such a dramatic escalation, and it’s easy to understand how guns are better capable of withstanding such temperatures. If you do decide to include papers and/or plastics in your gun safe, ensure you check the fire rating carefully. The higher the rating, the better.

Investments Worth Protecting

It’s clear that we can make sizable investments in firearms. If you have an impressive arsenal, it’s wise to be proactive and invest in the protection of your firearms, and a gun safe can offer you the protection you need. You must consider how quickly a fire can consume your home and everything in it. The National Fire Protection Association reports that more than 365,000 fires caused seven billion dollars in damage in 2015. Your firearms likely comprise a significant investment for you, and, when you understand the fire ratings of gun safes, you can better prepare to prevent them from becoming grim statistics.

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