Feb 25, 2017

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Be Prepared for Your Next Night Hunting Trip

Few activities in life compare with the thrill of the hunt, and that’s why an estimated 15.7 million Americans over age six went hunting in 2011 alone according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. No matter the game you focus on, you understand the excitement hunting brings. Whether you hunt for food or sport, night hunting can sometimes become a necessity, especially if noxious creatures such as coyotes are causing problems on your farm. As you prepare for your next evening hunting trip, there are some preparatory measures you should be sure to take.

Ensure Adequate Illumination


When you hunt at night, you’ll be focusing on the capture of nocturnal animals naturally equipped to see well in the dark. Obviously, this puts humans at a disadvantage. You can give yourself the upper hand when you consider the installation of LED lights on your hunting vehicle. These lights come in a variety of styles and colors, and the right light can do wonders when it comes to the illumination of your evening hunting grounds. You can take advantage of helpful LED light bar reviews from Light Bar Liason. These can help you weigh your many options and find the best product suited for your needs.

Consider the Safety of Others



If you’re like many avid outdoorsman, the thrill of the hunt is best experienced with others. However, when there are groups involved, the risk for accidental injury increases. In fact, according to the International Hunter Education Association, 1,000 people in the United States and Canada are shot on accident every year, and around 10 percent of these occurrences end in fatalities. There are measures you can take to decrease your chances of becoming another statistic including:

  • Wear hunting gear with lights and reflectors
  • Come equipped with flashlights
  • Consider the use of helmets with flashlights

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and safety should be your number one concern on night hunting trips. Even if you don’t hunt with others, make sure other hunters in the area will be able to make an easy distinction between you and creatures of the night.

Scope Out Your Area Ahead of Time


We’ve established that nocturnal animals have the advantage when you choose to hunt at night. However, you can put yourself in a location that puts the odds in your favor. It just requires that you do a little bit of homework and geographical research to determine the right placement for you while you wait for your target to come into view. Just a few tips to consider include:

  • Find an area that’s elevated and will provide you an expansive view.
  • Sit near your party if hunting in a group for safety purposes and to increase the quality of communication.
  • Wear dark clothing.

A Trip for All to Enjoy

You likely have a variety of motives to engage in nighttime hunting. From the excitement of the chase to the fact that you’re out of your element when you step out into the woods and so much more, there’s much to be enjoyed. In order to increase your safety and chances of a successful hunt, these tips can give you the advantage and help you achieve a trip for all to enjoy.

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