Dec 10, 2016

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Pack Smart for Your Next Hunting Trip: The Items You Always Forget

animal-17760_640When you’re headed out for a hunting trip, packing your weapon of choice and the ammunition you need is second nature. Remembering to pack the other critical items you’ll need when you’re gone, however, can be more challenging. You don’t just need food and water. You’ll also need the items necessary to take care of yourself while you’re on your hunting trip.

Basic Hygiene

small-thingsYou’re out in the woods, away from everyone. Do you really need to worry about hygiene? When it comes to your overall health, yes! Be sure to include a washcloth, oral care products like a toothbrush and toothpaste, and scent-free soap that will allow you to get clean without filling the air with artificial scents that will warn your prey that you’re coming. Several great oral hygiene product reviews can be found at Your shaving kit and towels should also go in your bag.

First Aid Kit

first-aid-kitYou’d like to imagine that you’re invulnerable. Unfortunately, out in the wilderness, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get hurt. Make sure you pack a basic first aid kid that includes more than just a few band-aids! Thin gloves, your pain reliever of choice, tweezers, alcohol swabs, peroxide, gauze, and elastic bandages are all excellent items to include in your kit just in case something happens.

Appropriate Clothing

When you’re heading out for a hunting trip, you want to be prepared for the weather! Keep in mind that it gets much colder at night than it is during the day. Dress in layers and pack clothing that will keep you warm, from a light jacket or sweatshirt to a heavy coat. For cold weather, you may want wool pants to go underneath your jeans, heavy cold weather gloves, and a cold weather cap with ear flaps. You’ll also want to bring along a rain jacket, even if rain hasn’t been definitively predicted. There’s nothing worse than being soaking wet and cold with no way to get dry. Don’t forget your safety vest! This is a required item during hunting season to ensure that other hunters don’t mistake you for the same animals you’re after.

All the Paperwork

Logically, you know that you have to bring your license, any hunting permits specific to the time and location, and any other paperwork that will let the authorities know that you have permission to hunt on a particular piece of land. Unfortunately, there are times when that will slip your mind! Consider making copies of that important paperwork to keep in your wallet or in your backpack so that if you need it, it will be on hand. You should also make sure that you remember to bring your personal identification.

Protective Items

Keep yourself safe and warm while you’re out hunting! A lighter or matches in a protective case, hand warmers, sunglasses and sunscreen, and safety glasses to protect your eyes when you’re shooting are all critical gear that will help you prepare for your hunting trip. Don’t forget the toilet paper!

Other Gear

Depending on how far you’re planning to walk, there are several items that you’ll want to make sure you have with you in order to ensure your safety. Keep in mind that you’re very isolated when you’re out hunting. In many cases, it’s unlikely that anyone else will come by. Remembering a few basic pieces of gear will help ensure that you’re ready for whatever the wilderness may throw your way. These items include:

  • Extra batteries for any equipment that requires them
  • A 2-way radio to stay in touch with someone, even if you don’t think you’ll be gone long
  • Flares
  • A compass to find your way to your hunting spot–and back out again if you get lost

Packing for a hunting trip can be the most tedious part of the trip, but it’s also well worth the effort. Make sure that you start your trip off right by including all the items you’ll need. You’ll find that your hunting trip is much more comfortable when you’re able to care for yourself, keep yourself clean, and handle any emergencies that might come your way while you’re out hunting.

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