May 5, 2017

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Carrying Your Gun On A Motorcycle-Can It Be Done?

I know a lot of people who own a gun and ride a motorcycle. There are also riding clubs that may require you to carry a concealed weapon with you on your ride for your own personal safety and the safety of others around you. Others just want to carry their weapons on them because they feel it’s necessary. I’m not saying that if you go ride a motorcycle you have to go right out and buy a gun to carry, but it’s something that quite a few people either want to know how to do or are looking into doing.

With A Passenger

There are so many different types of motorcycles on the market, making it one of the main considerations when figuring out how to ride with a gun on you. At, you can finds all kind of information about motorcycles and helmets, because before you head out onto the open road, you should definitely invest in a safe helmet. That means using a full face helmet as they are much more safe than open face.

Pocket Holster

Pocket Holster

If you have a passenger on the back of your bike, it’s going to be hard to carry your gun in a shoulder holster, especially if they are holding on tight. You don’t want them accidentally discharging the weapon. In this case, a pocket holster would be your best option. A good one should be able to protect the trigger housing group of your gun. This is the best option for those who like to carry their gun with a round in the chamber.

Inside The Waistband

Waistband Holster


If you really don’t want people to know that you are carrying a concealed weapon on you, the inside waistband holster is a good option, but it’s not ideal for all motorcycles. Unfortunately, not al states appreciate brandishing. If your shirt rides up while you’re on the bike, consider asking one of your fellow riders if they can see your weapon. If they can, you may want to reconsider how you carry.

Solo Riding

If you are riding by yourself, you shouldn’t have to worry about what kind of holster you have for your weapon. However, there are a few things that you should take into consideration:

  • Awareness of your muzzle: Is it pointing somewhere it shouldn’t be?
  • Retention: Is the weapon securely inside the holster?
  • Concealment: Is it concealed properly?

As long as you are riding safely and you find a system that works well for you while you are on your bike, you should be okay with your weapon on you.

Locked Cases

Locked Gun Case


If you want to just store your gun on your bike while you are out and about rather than carry it on your person, invest in a locked gun case. These can be attached to your bike and locked for storage of your weapon in case of emergencies. Unfortunately, the only downfall to these is that your gun won’t be accessible if you need it in a jiffy.


See, riding a motorcycle with your weapon isn’t that difficult to do. As you pass other riders on the highway, they may or may not be carrying, but you would never know unless you were really looking would you? As always, make sure you’re doing everything legally and don’t get yourself into trouble with your weapon.

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