Jun 9, 2015

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Where to Find Good Practice Weapons for Gunsmithing Training?


There’s only one practical way of learning how to fix and work with firearms – getting your hands dirty and actually practicing what you’re taught! This needs practice guns, and most of us won’t want to modify or tinker with our valued Winchester or Parker. Cheap project weapons, whose only purpose is to give you an opportunity for developing and testing your gunsmithing skills, are needed to this end. In fact, many of the older gunsmithing books, particularly those authored before or during the ‘50s and ‘60s, focus a lot on sporterizing military rifles, which can be a problem for the modern aspiring gunsmith looking to pick up the fundamentals of the craft.

Back in the old days, it was good and easy – Springfields, Mausers and Enfields were easily available and amazingly cheap up until the late 1960s. There was a time when you could buy around a hundred Mausers for as little as $25, and the British made Lee-Enfields were even more inexpensive. Military surplus rifles did not interest the collectors of that era much, and there seemed to be an indefinite supply of them. The majority of these weapons was purchased by hobbyists and converted into sporting guns.

Present day collectors often express their dislike of this ‘mutilation’ of old military rifles, but the truth is that lots of expert gunsmiths honed their skills by practicing on these weapons. Lots of gunsmith schools used to require students to sporterize / convert a number of military surplus bolt action rifles.

If you’re looking for good practice rifles these days, you should start with a .22 rimfire rifle i.e. the ordinary .22 you’ll find in the US. Millions of these rifles have been produced in the US alone as bolt-action repeaters and shots, lever-action repeaters, pumps and semi-automatics. Even though there are some collectables which are quite valuable, for instance, the Winchester pump-actions, there are others which are just plain old.

Another often ignored firearm type is the shotgun. Besides the .22 rifle, this has to be the most widely available weapon. Similar to the .22, the shotgun is also available in a number of different action types – pumps, single shots, semi-automatics and bolt actions. They can also be purchased as over-under and side-by-side doubles, but you’ll be lucky to find these in the below $100 category. Search for them long enough, though, and you might be amazed at what you find.

Shotguns suffer a lot of punishment, even more than the .22 rifles. It is quite normal to come across a shotgun that is exceedingly rusted and has no or little original finish left on its metal or wood. This is a bonus for aspiring gunsmiths – the shotgun’s poor superficial condition keeps its price low.

The golden age of cheap imported military surplus rifles may be past, but you can still come across a good specimen on occasion. The key is to look for older sporterized military rifles, rather than searching out original military rifles in good condition.

That being said, there are plenty of educational options today for learning the gunsmithing trade, with schools offering specialized training in many different kinds of firearms, besides rifles. So even if you can’t find a good enough antique rifle, you could always purchase a cheap pistol and test your skills on it!

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May 4, 2015

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The Educational Options for Becoming a Pro Gunsmith

submachine-gun-62902_640 If you want to become a professional gunsmith, you should start by getting the specialized training needed for the field – especially if you have never worked with guns before. There are several options available to you in this regard, including trade / vocational schools to community colleges and, more recently, online courses! Your gunsmithing training will teach you skills such as machining metal work, firearm repair, gun shop management, stockmaking and ballistics. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it covers most of the fundamental skills you will be taught.

What options are available to you for gunsmithing training?

Like any other profession, you have a number of options for learning the skills to make you an excellent gunsmith:

  • NRA Short-term gunsmithing schools: These institutions offer courses ranging from one to several weeks. As opposed to a conventional Associate’s Degree program at a typical school, you can pursue these individual courses if your sole focus is the gunsmithing trade. You’ll pick up skills like tuning a 1911-like handgun, gunstock checkering and metal engraving, and TIG welding.
  • Associate’s Degree: Finding a school offering an associate’s degree with a gunsmithing specialization can be hard work, but there are gunsmithing schools out there with such programs. This training route differs from the short term schools in that you’re getting an actual gunsmithing degree. You’ll still be taught the fundamentals like firearm repair, stockmaking and metal working.
  • AGI (American Gunsmithing Institute): This is a pretty unique option; this is a three program level training route with the most advanced level being the master gunsmith program. You will also be given a series of DVDs to learn from. Even if you’ve already got a gunsmithing degree, this route is an opportunity to build upon your existing skillset and become a more talented gunsmith.

How long will your gunsmithing training take?

The time you’ll spend learning the gunsmithing trade depends on the training route you opted for. As mentioned above, NRA short term courses take no more than a couple of weeks, but they aren’t really all-encompassing – they’re just individual classes. If you go the associate’s degree route, it could take as many as two years to complete all the coursework. This is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more structured approach to learning and want a degree to solidify their expertise in their field. In the case of AGI training, it will usually take 90 days if you opt for all three training levels – but it can take as much as 24 months (depending on your exact schedule). If you wish to learn at your own speed, this is the best course to take.

How much will the training cost you?

Again, this is dependent on the training route you selected. NRA courses can range from one to several hundred dollars per course – typical net cost of training can be around $10K. The Associate’s Degree in gunsmithing could cost you between $15K and $20K. Lastly, the AGI route, with all three training tiers selected, would cost around $18K. gungods.net is an excellent resource to conduct your preliminary research on the options and prospects of the gunsmithing profession.

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Mar 25, 2015

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Allowing Guns Inside The Campus Premises


School is where you leave your child to learn, play, and stay almost the whole day every day, as a parent, all you ever wanted is your child’s safety and security of course because it is a place where your child would learn on how to become an independent and productive kind of citizen. The question is how sure and confident you are of leaving your child in school? Many reported cases of mass shooting happened inside the premises of several universities where a gunman freely enters in the premises or the student itself was the ones initiated, giving again a half decision of letting the students carry fire arms inside the campus.


kocka slika pistolj5There was a debate which was conducted in the campus of Virginia’s Techs where parties are divided unto those who believe the benefits of allowing guns and the danger of it. Since many shooting tragedies had happened, some still are positive about letting fire arms be carried inside the campus. This is such a tough discussion and sensitive kind of issue that needs a serious dealing because this involves the safety and the lives of all the campus body that includes all the students and the faculty members. The positive approach towards the pro guns party has the principle that if only students and professors were just allowed to carry guns with them, the shooting and the bloodshed would be possibly less for they will be able to fire the gunman right away just before the victim increases for they are hopeless enough to stop the oppressor. The students insist that they could protect themselves and feel just a little bit safer when they own and carry guns with them right inside of their own school.


This is one of the campaigns’ purposes, top protection of almost all citizens, most especially the youth whom are giving lesser rights of legalization such as in service of alcohol and carrying fire arms. Yes, they are young and vulnerable, yet have the right of living and dwelling in a safe kind of community most especially in school where they are staying to learn almost half of their lives. Giving them the right to protect themselves all the time is something that both parents and their children would benefit in such a responsible way.


kocka slika pistolj9Parents and the government should work hand on hand if this kind of rights would be implemented someday, for the youth is so aggressive and may be hard to control; yet, if enough laws and policies will take charge, the idea of the approval to allow the students and the teaching body to carry fire arms would be solely for the sake of protection and no any other malicious threats. This will also threaten those who are with bad motives to attack the campus having the fear of being shot, parents would also develop a sense of responsibility same with the students for they are carrying a very sensitive device, also will develop confidence for everybody for always being safe and secured in and out of the school premises.


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Mar 25, 2015

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Having A Gun In Your Home? Safe Or Not?

kuca pistolji

United States have the highest number of the gun ownership per capita, having a lot of privately owned gun inside everybody’s home premises. Their main reason is to protect their family against any crime and assault any stranger would possibly do unto them, for it is true that a home is not the safest place at all. Thieves, psychos, wild animals, and any other harmful things that may possibly happen would ruin the safety and the comfort of your home. Would there be any other effective solution to protect your family against any of these crimes than having your own gun? True that handling a gun is for the bold and the courageous, but when life and death situation happens, would you be able to protect yourself with your bare hands? It is when you know martial arts, but this is not enough when having an opponent which is armed, possibility is you will feel intimidated and unguarded.


kocka slika pistolj7Gun ownership has both extreme outlooks, it is a basic right of every American citizen yet is also a big political issue that is being discussed over a long period of time but it is a stated fact that most of the gun owners are having protection as their main reason in mind for having guns at home that is actually making sense for gun is one of the most effective defense tool you may use in right circumstances like unexpected harassment and abuse, in this case, you may prevent any harm that is about to happen just with yourself most especially when you are alone at home. Home invaders are common criminal cases that happens anywhere in the world most especially in countries with poor economy, having a gun will give every home owners a chance to fight against any home invaders, this actually recorded as an effective approach of reducing intruder and criminal crime rates having the fear of being shot, that is why these kind of criminals avoid intruding homes when the owner is present, such an obvious yet effective discouragement for them to avoid targeting homes that are suspected to have a gun owner residing within.


kocka slika sacma2This is the right that even mothers would benefit for the protection of their children even their husband is not around. Teens and adults must be oriented how to handle and use the gun on its safest way avoiding any accidents to happen most especially with the children that are possibly mistaken a gun as their toys. Of course, legal actions and precautions must be observed by each family who wishes to have a gun inside the safety of their homes. This is to protect and ensure the safety of everybody having a potential harmful tool inside the house. Giving everybody the right to live in a safe place all the time. You too will never compromise the safety of your family and having a gun is one of the safest methods to consider.


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Mar 25, 2015

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The Psychological Benefits Of Owning A Gun


Our physique is something that is powered and controlled by our minds, what we think and attract will surely correspond with what the body will achieve. Yes, truly the government is powerful and has all the capacity to protect the citizens of the whole country, but it is also better for the individuals to carry a protective device with them all the time for harmful incidents caused by strangers and even  acquaintances are so inevitable and unpredictable. The feeling of competency and being autonomous will give them the feeling of independence in defending themselves from any possible danger from this harsh society.


kocka slika pistolj3People that are into allowing to carry fire arms are having the mindset that the citizens would always have their survival instinct and would always have the chance to defend themselves against any oppressor. The feeling of being powerful and secured will make everybody feel a lot tougher than those that are disarmed. The right to police your own self is such a benefit and also an encouragement for the people to think that they are given the strong will and power inside their own territory, their state and country.


They are driven with the history of Nazi, Germany in which people were so law abiding and just letting their government run and rule their lives, made them a victim of genocide, just imagine how that incident would be prevented or just even lessen the bloodshed if people were able to fight for their own lives.


Training and orientation would make the armed citizen responsible and knowledgeable enough in handling their personal guns, not to use those for any personal and harmful motives. Owning a gun would be fun and adventurous but the responsibility towards it is so heavy and important for this may affect the lives of all citizens. The feeling of being independent and powerful must not be abused by any private individual for the government and the law is still in charge of it. Giving the people the feeling that the world is so predictable and controlled, they would build each and every one’s trust and confidence in the society that will generate peace and order, reducing deadly crimes such as rape cases and mass shooting. This thing is not that impossible thing to happen for the world now is so harmful and unknown to everybody, minds of the people are affected negatively by various factors that would push them to make such unwanted things beyond the control of the law and the government. A hundred cannot protect the millions so it would be better to say that there will be millions to protect hundreds of potential victims of any crimes.


kocka slika pistolj2Psychological effects for the suspects would be so discouraging knowing that everybody could protect everybody, they will have no drive at all to do such crimes, they will be the one to develop the feeling of fear and insecurity to any of their motives in doing harm towards others. This is such a sensitive issue that a government would surely always have a doubt if they will be able to control the aggressiveness of the people they protect.



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Mar 25, 2015

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What Would The World Be Like When Everyone Owns A Gun?

kocka slika sacma


Imagination runs wild, so is the world. Let’s look at on its bright side then, each one of us must take all the positivity towards what is actually happening now. Cases of abuse happen in all corners of the world, in streets, and at home, innocents were killed and exploited, they are defenseless. So the idea of letting the citizenry to own a gun for their protection is a vital solution of the government to support to act against violence most especially in the United States.


The policemen and the military are considered powerful defense for the citizens but they are not near enough to rescue when crimes happen, though they are available 24/7, still emergency cases are actually happening without their notice. This is all about the lives of everybody, an individual protection that authority should not deprive a single device of protection. So, imagine, syndicates and killers own so many fire arms and use it for abusive purposes most especially for money, you will notice that it would be real unfair if the people of the nation themselves are powerless to defend themselves against those criminals that may attack anytime of the day yet families inside their home and in public are so vulnerable to be killed without having a chance to fight against them.


kocka slika pistoljFathers are also said to be the home’s protector but we cannot deny the fact that some fathers are the one executing violence against their children, like rape cases and child abuse as their form of discipline. Do you think it is the time for the teens to be given the chance to defend themselves in and out of their homes? Yes it is, but governments and parents must orient their children for them to be responsible in handling guns for themselves. Such a crazy thing to imagine but how long could you resist to notice in the society you live where crimes are done so simple and vulgar, how would the government just ignore those cases that sometimes victims are not given any chances to give themselves justice.


Let the fear fade away for each and every one of us, let the irony of having individual guns reduce the crime rate for using it as protection, this is the time where everyone must take action and responsibility for themselves and also for the protection of their loved ones. Believe that people can be educated, let them be aware of what is happening now, terrorists are taking advantage of all their arms and power to rebel and kill even the most innocent civilians just for their own sake. Campaign for the safety of all, if not for total elimination of crimes, at least help reduce it, let the fear be diverted to the people with wrong and dangerous motives and not for the people who are working to improve the society and the economy. Own a gun now, fight for your right to live in a safe and peaceful community.


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