Mar 1, 2017

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A Machete Can Be A Handy Tool When On Your Next Hunting Expedition

Every year there are 1,000 people in the US and Canada that are accidentally shot by hunters. Safety is an important issue when out and about on hunting trips. You can’t just grab a gun and go shoot the first animal that wanders across your path. There are other hunters in the woods, especially if you are in a shared hunting area. You should be aware of your surroundings and even how to use a gun before you set out into the wild.

Getting Into The Woods

Once you step into the woods, you may notice that you need to cut your way back to your tree stand if you have one, which isn’t all that uncommon, especially if you haven’t used it in a few years. One way you can do this is by using a machete, safely of course.

These are perfect for cutting high vegetation and branches that may be growing around your tree stand. If you don’t have one or yours is out of shape, take a look at some reviews, they may help you pick a good one.

Once you’ve gotten to your tree stand, it’s important that you follow all safety precautions when it comes to shooting. There are four common causes for hunting accidents:

  • Mechanical failures in guns
  • Not enough practice shooting
  • Not following the rules and regulations
  • Judgement mistakes

Firearm Safety

In order to ensure that your hunting partners, and yourself, stay safe, you should follow a few primary rules.

Finger Off The Trigger

Firearm Safety

No matter what, when you are carrying any type of firearm, your finger should never be inside of the trigger guard unless you are getting ready to shoot. Those who are inexperienced think that they need to have their finger on the trigger at all times, which can inevitably lead to an accident.

Safely Point The Muzzle In The Intended Direction

Never point your gun at anything you aren’t planning to shoot. An extremely vital thing that you have to teach yourself is muzzle control safety. This should come as a second nature to you even before you step foot on hunting grounds.

Treat Them All Equal

You should learn to treat every weapon as if it were loaded. An unloaded weapon should be respected in the same manner as a loaded one. Whenever you are handed a weapon, always assume it’s loaded, even when someone says otherwise.

Know What’s Beyond & In Front Of Your Target

This is another huge cause of accidental shootings in the field. People don’t take the time to look to see what’s in front or behind their target and when they shoot, they accidentally shoot someone they couldn’t see. If you can’t see what’s there, don’t shoot.


Well, there you have it! Those are some very important rules that you should follow when it comes to hunting and getting into the woods. Hunting can be a very fun experience if you know how to do it. Never fool around with weapons and don’t assume that you know everything.

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Feb 25, 2017

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Be Prepared for Your Next Night Hunting Trip

Few activities in life compare with the thrill of the hunt, and that’s why an estimated 15.7 million Americans over age six went hunting in 2011 alone according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. No matter the game you focus on, you understand the excitement hunting brings. Whether you hunt for food or sport, night hunting can sometimes become a necessity, especially if noxious creatures such as coyotes are causing problems on your farm. As you prepare for your next evening hunting trip, there are some preparatory measures you should be sure to take.

Ensure Adequate Illumination


When you hunt at night, you’ll be focusing on the capture of nocturnal animals naturally equipped to see well in the dark. Obviously, this puts humans at a disadvantage. You can give yourself the upper hand when you consider the installation of LED lights on your hunting vehicle. These lights come in a variety of styles and colors, and the right light can do wonders when it comes to the illumination of your evening hunting grounds. You can take advantage of helpful LED light bar reviews from Light Bar Liason. These can help you weigh your many options and find the best product suited for your needs.

Consider the Safety of Others



If you’re like many avid outdoorsman, the thrill of the hunt is best experienced with others. However, when there are groups involved, the risk for accidental injury increases. In fact, according to the International Hunter Education Association, 1,000 people in the United States and Canada are shot on accident every year, and around 10 percent of these occurrences end in fatalities. There are measures you can take to decrease your chances of becoming another statistic including:

  • Wear hunting gear with lights and reflectors
  • Come equipped with flashlights
  • Consider the use of helmets with flashlights

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and safety should be your number one concern on night hunting trips. Even if you don’t hunt with others, make sure other hunters in the area will be able to make an easy distinction between you and creatures of the night.

Scope Out Your Area Ahead of Time


We’ve established that nocturnal animals have the advantage when you choose to hunt at night. However, you can put yourself in a location that puts the odds in your favor. It just requires that you do a little bit of homework and geographical research to determine the right placement for you while you wait for your target to come into view. Just a few tips to consider include:

  • Find an area that’s elevated and will provide you an expansive view.
  • Sit near your party if hunting in a group for safety purposes and to increase the quality of communication.
  • Wear dark clothing.

A Trip for All to Enjoy

You likely have a variety of motives to engage in nighttime hunting. From the excitement of the chase to the fact that you’re out of your element when you step out into the woods and so much more, there’s much to be enjoyed. In order to increase your safety and chances of a successful hunt, these tips can give you the advantage and help you achieve a trip for all to enjoy.

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Feb 3, 2017

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Understanding Gun Safe Fire Ratings

We purchase guns for many reasons. From enjoying hunting season to protecting our families and more, there are a number of valid reason why the right to bear arms has stood the test of time. Whatever your reason for owning a firearm, the common fact that draws all gun owners together is the fact that a sizable investment is necessary for a quality gun.

Mid-range guns can run anywhere between $500 and $1,000. Just as you purchase insurance for your car, you want to make sure you’re able to protect your guns in the event of an unexpected event such as a fire. If you’re considering the purchase of a gun safe, there are a few things you should understand about fire ratings as you browse your many options.

Translating the Fire Rating

It’s all too easy to become overly-focused on the ability of a fire safe to prevent theft. However, it’s important to understand you’re investing in protection in more than one sense. Guns and Security go hand hand when used by a responsible gun owner, and you want to ensure yours is capable of offering you security when you need it most. That’s why you should pay attention to the fire rating made available and understand what it means. To help translate the rating into understandable terms, consider the following:

  • A safe with a rating of 60 minutes at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit means that, if you had a 1,200 degree fire, the interior of your safe would remain under 350 degrees Fahrenheit for at least on hour.

Consider What You’ll be Storing in the Safe

You aren’t restricted to storing guns in your safe. In fact, there are a number of other valuable items you can keep stored safely away to protect against a number of potential dangers. However, when you do decide to include multiple items, it’s important to consider the fact that heat impacts different materials in different ways. For example, at just a little above 350 degrees, paper will begin to change to a darker color. When you kick up the heat just over 100 degrees to 451 degrees, the paper ignites.

It doesn’t take much to promote such a dramatic escalation, and it’s easy to understand how guns are better capable of withstanding such temperatures. If you do decide to include papers and/or plastics in your gun safe, ensure you check the fire rating carefully. The higher the rating, the better.

Investments Worth Protecting

It’s clear that we can make sizable investments in firearms. If you have an impressive arsenal, it’s wise to be proactive and invest in the protection of your firearms, and a gun safe can offer you the protection you need. You must consider how quickly a fire can consume your home and everything in it. The National Fire Protection Association reports that more than 365,000 fires caused seven billion dollars in damage in 2015. Your firearms likely comprise a significant investment for you, and, when you understand the fire ratings of gun safes, you can better prepare to prevent them from becoming grim statistics.

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Dec 30, 2016

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Fun and Responsible Ways to Include Your Kids on Your Next Hunting Trip

Whether you’ve long enjoyed the thrill of hunting or are still relatively new at it, one thing likely holds true. This is an exciting pastime that allows you to get out, enjoy fresh air, and experience the many wonders of nature. You’re certainly not alone in these feelings. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, nearly 16 million Americans participated in hunting activities in 2011 alone, and this includes children as young as six years old.
If you’re ready to share your enthusiasm with hunting with your kids, you may be disappointed if they don’t seem to be as excited as you are. However, there are things you can do to encourage their participation that will at least give them a taste of the many thrills to be experienced.

Don’t Push It Too Hard at First

Child And Father On A Bike

While we often don’t consider it, children have their own preferences and interests. Just as you don’t appreciate solicitors telling you what you need, kids don’t want to be pushed to do things they don’t want to do. Therefore, on your first hunting trip with the kids, make sure you don’t push them too far. Instead, if they seem to be getting bored after a couple of hours, go ahead and pack up for the day. You likely could enjoy an entire evening of hunting, but kids are known to have short attention spans, and you want to ensure they don’t hold any negative thoughts about their first trip.

Encourage Nature Hunts – Turtles Make Great Pets

Let’s face it. As a child, there are certain things you can’t do on a hunting trip that you can when you’re an adult. For example, the adults are the ones who get to experience the thrill of watching a prospect through the rifle scope. To ensure your kids feel included during every step of the way, provide them with a list of animals to locate during the trip that are native to your geographic area. You can then go home and teach them about the animals they found. In fact, you can even bring a part of nature home with you. For example, turtles can make great pets, and you can turn a hunting trip into a long-term nature study when you’re able to provide one with a proper home. If you do, just a few things to consider include:

  • Ensure they have a proper tank that allows them enough room to roam depending on their size.
  • Invest in a quality turtle tank filter to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Make sure they are fed and watered every day. This can also prove to be a great way to teach your kids responsibility.

Bring Plenty of Snacks

What kid doesn’t like a snack? When you bring snacks along for your hunting trip, not only does it encourage them to have a good time, but it also gives your children a positive association with hunting. If you want to take that positivity to a new level, consider purchasing snack items your kids have never tried and make that investment a family ritual they can rely on every time you decide to go out. This is something that will stick in their minds and remember when they grow up and maybe even decide to share with their own children someday.

An Activity the Whole Family Can Enjoy


The world is a much different place than it was just a few short years ago, and kids these days have so many resources at their fingertips with the media and Internet. According to a recent poll, there are a number of reasons kids report for their lack of experiencing natural areas. Just a few of these include:

  • Lack of transportation to get to these areas
  • Hesitation to encounter bugs and other pests
  • Inclement weather or high heat

Many children simply haven’t been provided the proper motivation to have the desire to spend more time outdoors. However, when you follow these helpful tips, you can ignite their inner outdoorsman spirit and introduce an activity that can bring the whole family together.

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Dec 10, 2016

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Pack Smart for Your Next Hunting Trip: The Items You Always Forget

animal-17760_640When you’re headed out for a hunting trip, packing your weapon of choice and the ammunition you need is second nature. Remembering to pack the other critical items you’ll need when you’re gone, however, can be more challenging. You don’t just need food and water. You’ll also need the items necessary to take care of yourself while you’re on your hunting trip.

Basic Hygiene

small-thingsYou’re out in the woods, away from everyone. Do you really need to worry about hygiene? When it comes to your overall health, yes! Be sure to include a washcloth, oral care products like a toothbrush and toothpaste, and scent-free soap that will allow you to get clean without filling the air with artificial scents that will warn your prey that you’re coming. Several great oral hygiene product reviews can be found at Your shaving kit and towels should also go in your bag.

First Aid Kit

first-aid-kitYou’d like to imagine that you’re invulnerable. Unfortunately, out in the wilderness, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get hurt. Make sure you pack a basic first aid kid that includes more than just a few band-aids! Thin gloves, your pain reliever of choice, tweezers, alcohol swabs, peroxide, gauze, and elastic bandages are all excellent items to include in your kit just in case something happens.

Appropriate Clothing

When you’re heading out for a hunting trip, you want to be prepared for the weather! Keep in mind that it gets much colder at night than it is during the day. Dress in layers and pack clothing that will keep you warm, from a light jacket or sweatshirt to a heavy coat. For cold weather, you may want wool pants to go underneath your jeans, heavy cold weather gloves, and a cold weather cap with ear flaps. You’ll also want to bring along a rain jacket, even if rain hasn’t been definitively predicted. There’s nothing worse than being soaking wet and cold with no way to get dry. Don’t forget your safety vest! This is a required item during hunting season to ensure that other hunters don’t mistake you for the same animals you’re after.

All the Paperwork

Logically, you know that you have to bring your license, any hunting permits specific to the time and location, and any other paperwork that will let the authorities know that you have permission to hunt on a particular piece of land. Unfortunately, there are times when that will slip your mind! Consider making copies of that important paperwork to keep in your wallet or in your backpack so that if you need it, it will be on hand. You should also make sure that you remember to bring your personal identification.

Protective Items

Keep yourself safe and warm while you’re out hunting! A lighter or matches in a protective case, hand warmers, sunglasses and sunscreen, and safety glasses to protect your eyes when you’re shooting are all critical gear that will help you prepare for your hunting trip. Don’t forget the toilet paper!

Other Gear

Depending on how far you’re planning to walk, there are several items that you’ll want to make sure you have with you in order to ensure your safety. Keep in mind that you’re very isolated when you’re out hunting. In many cases, it’s unlikely that anyone else will come by. Remembering a few basic pieces of gear will help ensure that you’re ready for whatever the wilderness may throw your way. These items include:

  • Extra batteries for any equipment that requires them
  • A 2-way radio to stay in touch with someone, even if you don’t think you’ll be gone long
  • Flares
  • A compass to find your way to your hunting spot–and back out again if you get lost

Packing for a hunting trip can be the most tedious part of the trip, but it’s also well worth the effort. Make sure that you start your trip off right by including all the items you’ll need. You’ll find that your hunting trip is much more comfortable when you’re able to care for yourself, keep yourself clean, and handle any emergencies that might come your way while you’re out hunting.

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Apr 3, 2016

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The Best Concealed Carry Guns

Do you or are you thinking of carrying a concealed weapon for your own personal reasons? If so, it is important to know which one will be the best for you. But first, before you go out and buy one, you will need to have a permit, unfortunately, and they aren’t easy to get in some states.

Carry Gun

Each state has its own law for getting a permit such as “shall issue to residents only”, shall issue to residents and non-residents”, “may issue to residents only”, “may issue to residents and non-residents”, and “right denied”. After you have gotten your permit, it is time to pick out a gun and here are some of the best ones to acquire.

Glock 26

The Glock 26 3rd generation is a sub compact 9mm. It is easy to conceal in a quality IWB holster while donning shorts and a t-shirt. Full size models of this gun are about an inch longer, but this particular gun is just as accurate at respectable distances. It doesn’t pack as much as a punch as you would think as far as recoil goes and it is very manageable for follow-up shots. Glocks are also known for easy take-down, meaning they are easy to take apart and clean. This gun is small, easy to conceal, accurate and reliable which makes it one of the best concealed guns to have for around $600.

Colt Mustang XSP

The Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite are small, have enhanced durability, reliability, accuracy, and are lightweight. Coming in at around $650, this gun is made with precise machining, high quality materials and improvements  to make it one of the most consistent and reliable firearms on the market today. It has a stainless steel slide and barrel which are CNC machined from solid bar stock for precision. It also comes with high profile sights, commander style hammer, solid aluminum trigger, lowered ejection port and so much more to make it a high demand gun. With everything said about the Colt Mustang XSP such as grip designs, frame designs, and firing pin safety block, it is a sure thing that this is one of the best concealed guns to keep in your purse or on your belt.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

This small and compact gun is a smaller version of the M&P duty line. At around $500, you can have a gun that is slim and striker-filled. The Shield has a slim design that is combined with trusted features that are found in the M&P pistol series. You can have it in 9mm and .40 S&W for proven stopping power coming from a high-strength polymer frame with a corrosion resistant finish. The barrel is a standard 3.1-inch which makes a total length of 6.1-inches. It also has a short and consistent trigger pull measuring 6.5 pounds. The M&P Shield also allows multiple rounds to be placed on the target with consistency and accuracy.

So, if you are planning to start carrying a concealed weapon here are the top weapons of choice. Make sure to get your permits first then buy yourself one of those great guns.



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Nov 1, 2015

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3 Ways to Improve Handgun Accuracy

If you find yourself needing some help with your handgun accuracy, there are a few easy tips that can help you with that. These drills will help you improve your firearms proficiency and you will find yourself hitting your target almost every time. These three drills are dry firing, ball-and-dummy technique, and the ready up drill.

Dry Firing

Dry firing is a drill that is meant to help you develop proper sight alignment and trigger control. This drill helps to develop the most basic fundamental skill in becoming a proficient firearms operator without burning through expensive training ammunition. When dry firing a handgun, you need to completely unload your gun and make sure you are in a safe place to train. When you are certain that your handgun is completely unloaded, insert an unload magazine. You could also buy plastic snap-cap bullets that will allow you to fire your gun for a long period of time. These plastic bullets look like the real thing and give you a realistic combat reload execution. When you are ready to dry fire your gun, find a target or spot on a nearby wall, line up your sights and slowly squeeze the trigger. This drill will teach you to focus on your front sight, which is crucial for developing your marksmanship skills. When you learn to rely on your front sight and combine that with the proper cycling of the trigger, this will allow you to keep all your fired shots on the target.


In order to deliver accurate shot placement without flinching or negatively reacting to the recoil force and muzzle blast, the ball-and-dummy technique is put into place. This is done by loading several, but not all, cylinders of your revolver. The point of this is to be surprised when the gun discharges. This technique helps you to develop the proper trigger control while shooting. This same concept applies to semi-automatic weapons. Each time the trigger is pulled, you should focus on your trigger control, breathing, sight alignment and the speed that you cycle the trigger. Do not try to be fast when you are cycling the trigger, you want to take your time and hit your target.

Ready Up Drill

This drill is one of the best exercises you can do to help you improve your firearms proficiency. This drill works with all kinds of different guns such as handguns, patrol rifles, SMG’s, shotguns and other select tactical rifles. To start the drill, load your gun and keep it holstered while you are facing the same target you use when you qualify. Draw your pistol and fire only one round as soon as your front sight covers the scoring area of your target. You can keep doing this until your firearm is empty. Once it is empty, conduct a combat reload and return to firing just one shot at a time. This drill is meant to help you develop faith in your front sight while using it.

These three drills are great for improving accuracy and proficiency. Not only that, but it teaches you trust in you and your handgun while shooting. If you do these three drills, you will surely be more accurate and confident when shooting your gun.

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